iPad Kiosk Mode, Use iPads For Dedicated Purposes

ipad kiosk mode

All tech geeks know that the Apple iPad when it first came out was a revolutionary device that helped the world take leaps in technological advances. With its design excellence to innovation, the rage for blackberries was wiped clean when these devices hit the market and to this date, it has the market in a chokehold. 

There is no question that iPads are a great tool for your business. There is a reason why many industries have adopted iPads as part of their technology stack. They are portable, easy to use, and flexible for a variety of business purposes.

Whether they provide information, allow customers to browse products, or ring up orders on POS systems, it’s easy to see why businesses love iPads and how they’re used as dedicated devices. But when these same devices that are meant to be used for a specific purpose are not managed and controlled, they present many risks including security breaches and data loss.

What is iPad Kiosk Mode?

iPad Kiosk Mode is a configuration that allows you to use the iPad device as a kiosk that runs only certain applications and websites. It is a feature that allows you to lock down your device so only one app or a set of predetermined apps can run at a time. This is great for businesses that want to leverage profitability through digitalization, or just want to make sure their employees are not distracted from their work when using the iPad.The reason why most businesses prefer using their iPads in this mode is that they want an easy-to-use, flexible and portable kiosk that can fill in for multiple needs of a business, from digital signage to mPOS devices to biometrics systems.

Single-app mode is when an iPad is set up for one specific application or app only. It does not allow other apps like Facebook or Twitter to run on the device. This means that when all of your devices are running in single-app mode, there is no way for them to interact with other apps or share data with other apps. The iPad opens only a particular app or website each time the device reboots, making it impossible for end-users to exit kiosk mode and use the device for unwarranted purposes.

Another perk of deploying dedicated devices is that any unnecessary distractions while working are eliminated completely. Unwanted ads or pop-ups, surfing the web, streaming videos, making phone calls, or using social media platforms that affect the productivity and focus of employees are all off the table. The devices are then strictly used for work-purpose as employees no longer have to struggle with concentration on their work while using these devices.

Auro24 For Dedicated Devices 

Auro24 is a mobile device management solution for businesses that want to remotely manage and gain control over their fleet of apple devices. It limits access to certain apps and features, curating an iPad kiosk mode so that only authorized users can access them. This will help prevent security breaches and data loss due to unauthorized use of your business devices by employees or customers.

As a mobile device management solution, restricting access to specific features and apps is one of the most fundamental features of Auro24. This can be done through policies managed by your IT department directly from Auro24’s console.

As iPads are quickly replacing textbooks, medical prescriptions, paperwork, menu cards, check-in/check-out, and even payment processing, this ability to restrict access to certain features and apps has become more important than ever for companies in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, entertainment, and even educational spaces that need iPads for dedicated purposes.

Benefits of iPad Kiosk Mode:

1.  The kiosk mode lets you easily manage multiple iPad devices from one location instead of having them log in and configure each device independently for each application they use.

2.  If you have to ensure that all of your customers or employees are using the same applications, this mode is great for you because it will keep the same application running at all times, even when the device reboots.

3.  When set up properly, it allows you to control what is being viewed on the screen and how much can be viewed at any given time by managing device settings.

4. It enables you to curate a streamlined interface for any consumer looking to use the devices, whether they have technical fluency or not, contributing to the quality of customer experience.

5. The kiosk mode also gives you room to customize the screen, and push the company logo, personalized wallpapers, and themes onto your iPad devices.

6. It prevents users from installing or uninstalling apps and even accessing the app store (iTunes) and/or Apple’s website (www.apple.com). 

7. And most importantly, it secures your fleet of devices from data breaches and cybersecurity risks with end-users having access to only approved apps and websites. 


In the past few years, iPads have become an extremely popular device for businesses. The iPad offers a great user experience and can be used for a variety of purposes including check-in kiosks, POS devices, customer service kiosks, and more.

In this article, we’ve just covered the basics of iPad kiosk mode and how it can be used to stick to critical apps and restrict access to unwanted apps. If you want more information about mobile device management for iPads and other devices, please contact us today. As always, we’re here for you!


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