iPad POS System: Securely Enable POS App on iPad Devices

ipad pos system

Mobile payments are no longer alternative methods of payment. There is no way around it: the post-pandemic world favors cashless payment methods. To stay relevant, businesses are quickly adapting to this change and actively listening to their customer’s needs and demands. But this is not a lopsided win if, on the customer side, the mPOS system offers fast, convenient, and contact-less payments, on the business side it provides an inexpensive POS system, shorter transaction processes, and a lucrative business approach.

What is an iPad mPOS? 

A smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal is known as a Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS). Typically we are used to seeing a barcode scanner with a heavy machine attached to the device at the billing counters as a POS system. An iPad mPOS replaces the heavy hardware device and uses the Apple iPad device that has a POS app configured in it. The POS app and the card reader communicate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to accept payment making digital cashless transactions possible from the handheld iPad itself.

With An iPad POS, You Can Provide Better Service:

Speed and efficiency 

The mPOS system is a secure and efficient way to handle your business’s transactions. It uses the latest technology, so you can be confident that your customers will be able to do their transactions quickly and easily, with zero scopes for human errors.

The speed with which an mPOS system processes transactions is what makes it so great for businesses that do not want the whole ordeal of managing and accounting for cash transactions. Customers won’t have to wait long before they can get what they need; they just tap their smartphones against the card reader on one end of the countertop, and then enter their PIN number (if necessary). With easy to use interface, you can provide a seamless payment process without waiting too long at the checkout counters. This means no more waiting around while employees dispense the change or customers make the change.


The cost-effectiveness of mPOS systems is a big reason why they are now the preferred choice for businesses looking to expand their operations. If you are looking for a POS system that can be used on any device, then consider a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution. This means the software will not be limited to just one type of hardware and instead be able to run on any device OS. You can simply get started by making use of your existing mobile devices such as the iPad to run your mPOS systems

This also means you don’t need dedicated POS terminals anymore. Instead, your business can use its own smartphone or tablet as its POS terminal instead of buying expensive hardware such as cash registers, scanners,  or credit/debit card readers.


iPad mPOS are lightweight devices that can be easily carried around. This system is fit not only for brick and motor stores but also for transportation services, logistics, delivery businesses, and even events and pop-up stores, where the perimeters of an office premise dissolve and payments need to be made on the go. 

How Does Auro24 Securely Enable POS Application on Your iPad Devices?

Single App Kiosk Mode

Auro24’s single-app kiosk mode allows businesses to use their typical apple devices as dedicated POS systems. It is a restrictive mechanism where the device is locked to run only a single pre-specified app. You can enable the POS application on your device while simultaneously blocking access to any unapproved applications and websites. This protects the confidential data that are stored on these devices and eliminates any concern of misuse by end-users. You can also: 

  • Block peripheral device access (eg: WiFi, Bluetooth, Speakers, USB).
  • Pre-configure basic settings ( brightness, screen rotation, auto-lock, network connections, volume, notifications).
  • Prevent device settings modifications.
  • Disable hardware buttons (power button, volume button).
  • Block any incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Whitelist/blacklist websites.

Remote Data Wipeout

With a POS system that has everything you need fit in the palm of your hand, concerns of data and device theft are only natural. Auro24 facilitates businesses with a remote data wipeout feature where IT admins can remotely wipe all the data in your device in case of theft or misplacement of the device. The consequences of data breaches can completely be eliminated with a solution that intervenes in real time before any damage can be done. 

Passcode Authentication and Encryption Policy

Passcode authentication and encryption may not be the answer to all security risks that digitalization brings but they are certainly not something to overlook. Passcodes and data encryption can be valuable to protect devices, especially the mPOS system that collects copious amounts of data and is exposed at all times for employees and customers to use. Auro24 helps businesses achieve just that by enforcing cohesive passcode policy configurations throughout all your fleet of devices to protect your dedicated devices from unauthorized access. 

App Management

Your mPOS devices run on a particular POS application, which can be an enterprise app or directly from the App Store. Auro24 lets you manage your apps right from the dashboard and helps schedule OS updates, app rollouts, installation, and updates remotely. This centralized approach helps manage and control your mPOS system efficiently and keeps your devices up to date with the latest security measures. It also significantly reduces device downtime that is usually lost to system updates and installation during work hours. 

Geo-fence Technology

Businesses that need their POS system to travel from one place to the next with their drivers or delivery executives are hesitant to invest in iPad mPOS as the security concerns can be added burden to the business. However, with the geo-fencing feature offered by Auro24, the whereabouts of the devices can be tracked in real-time to ensure that devices can be retrieved in case of theft or loss. It also helps the business keep track of its employees and other mobile assets like the vehicles themselves. 

Every business owner is constantly looking for ways to increase profits and grow their company. Ensuring that you have the right business tools and equipment is critical to always keep your business a step ahead of the rest. An iPad POS system has definitely been one such promising tool that has brought clear advantages to help any business garner profitability without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.Integration of a mobile device management solution, such as Auro24, can provide granular device management tools that will do all of the hard work of making the best use of your generic iPad devices while you sit back and reap its benefits. This Apple MDM solution is all you need that will help you fully utilize this up-and-coming trend.


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