Most Affordable Apple MDM: The Need for a Low-Cost Apple MDM

affordable apple mdm

The number of businesses migrating to the Apple ecosystem is growing, as is Apple’s popularity among small and medium-sized enterprises. The new iOS16 and macOS Ventura have brought Apple one step closer to becoming an indispensable business-friendly device. Apple’s products not only look professional, but they are also incredibly secure. The latest iPad, iPhone, and macOS management capabilities outperform most mobile devices in the market. 

With that being said, just having Apple devices in your enterprise mobility fleet is not good enough; you also need a way to manage and secure them, especially if you are managing a fleet of multiple devices. As the saying goes, a small leak can sink a ship. In some respects, technology is similar to that. Without effective management and regulation in place,  it is likely that catastrophic consequences will ensue.

An MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution is a powerful tool that every modern business should consider to address the unique challenges of integrating technology. They are able to provide the infrastructure to help employees be more productive, the devices secure, and the business compliant. But for companies with limited budgets, deploying an MDM does not always seem like a wise option. There is a preconceived notion that an effective MDM solution must be expensive.

Most SMEs completely avoid the idea of implementing MDM solutions in order to avoid biting off more than they can chew, which leaves their technology poorly managed, security at risk, and employees performing below par. 

But with mobile devices dominating our workplaces and facilitating trends like remote work culture, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and COPE(Corporate Owned Personally Enabled), MDM solutions are no longer a choice but a necessity. It has become a fundamental tool to exercise control over your mobile assets, increase productivity, improve efficiency, build better engagement and ensure security. 

Although most cloud-based Mobile Device Management software in the market can be expensive and a high-cost option, where the annual license cost of an Apple MDM is out of reach for most SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), there’s some good news for businesses that want to invest smartly. There are currently inexpensive MDM options available that can assist you in obtaining the same level of protection and security from the Apple devices used by your employees as their more expensive counterparts. 

Sure, you may manage your Apple devices from a big-budget Apple MDM or a low-budget Apple MDM. Both types of MDM platforms have their place. The former is a full-fledged business solution with many bells and whistles, while the latter comes with less intricate functions but covers all important grounds. Entrusting your entire device management needs to an MDM platform just because it is valued at a higher price can seem like a tall order for any organization. There are plenty of cases where investing in an expensive solution can prove to be a complete waste of resources when a simple MDM can suffice. 

This is why Auro24 was created. Auro24 is a low-cost Apple MDM alternative for businesses that want to stay on top of their game without breaking the bank.

Auro24: The Most Affordable Apple MDM

With Auro24, you will not need to invest in a pricey MDM solution. It is designed as a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your fleet of mobile devices from a single console. It caters to the needs of all small businesses or startups that don’t have the cash flow to invest in an expensive MDM solution or simply a business that does not require all the frills and elaborate features of an MDM solution that they will never end up using.

So what puts Auro24 a cut above the rest?  

  • An all-in-one device management tool
  • Saves money and resources
  • Higher ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Easy to use with a short learning curve
  • Streamlined features and functionalities 
  • Price points that are flexible and start at less than $2 per month.
  • Custom pricing that is tailored to a company’s specific needs.
  • Quality customer service and quick responsiveness.

Key Features Of Auro24 Apple MDM Solution

Automated Enrollment 

Auro24 MDM bulk enrolls all of your Apple devices over the air in a matter of minutes. 

Enrollment is a crucial first step to managing Apple devices with MDM.  With Auro24, this procedure can be automated and completed quickly as multiple devices can be enrolled at once with little to no IT involvement and almost no user interaction.

Device Settings Configurations 

By remotely configuring device setting policies in accordance with your company’s needs, you can get the device ready for use right from the Auro24 console. Auro24 offers policies that enable you to set up all fundamental device settings, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, VPN, speakers, and network connection access. You can also restrict users’ access to hardware controls like the power and volume buttons, the cameras, incoming and outgoing calls, and even the ability to change standard settings like brightness, volume, home screen layouts, etc. In essence, it prevents users from changing any predetermined device settings and only gives IT administrators complete control.

Security Policies 

Auro24 provides an added layer of security to your otherwise exposed data on your Apple devices. It turns your Apple devices into purpose-specific devices that only allow access to selective apps, websites, and features using the kiosk mode. The device is secured by the kiosk mode from the potential risks of cyber threats, viruses, and data breaches. By implementing containerization, which separates corporate data from personal data, this MDM solution also safeguards employee privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive data on corporate devices.

In the event of a lost or stolen device, you can also put the device into Lost Mode. This will lock the device and prevent any data access. Before it falls into the wrong hands, you can remotely wipe the device to prevent unauthorized data access or sharing.

App Management

Auro24 enables you to remotely push apps onto your device from the App Store and in-house enterprise apps. It allows apps to be easily installed and distributed on all your Apple devices at once. Additionally, you can have the apps silently installed, pre-configured, deleted, or updated without user intervention with the integration of Auro24 MDM and Apple Business Manager. It helps your business keep track of all app accessibility and usability throughout the device lifecycle. 

In A Nutshell,

Mobile device management is a lot more than setting up the devices. There are a lot of different aspects to managing mobility. Having the right MDM platform for your business is important for the smooth operation of your business. At Auro24 we believe that a hassle-free IT life should not be exclusive to businesses with big budgets. Moreover, to manage mobility, not every company requires a full-fledged Mobile Device Management platform. If you still have your doubts, get firsthand experience and make your own decision; we are always available to give you a trial run.


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