Transform iPad as Digital Signage with Auro24 Apple MDM

iPads have proven to be a great business productivity tool. And now, it’s about time you start doing smart things with your iPads. Here’s an idea: why not turn your iPad into a digital display instead of spending a fortune on expensive hardware and dedicated software? 

The growing popularity of iPad digital signage can be attributed to its versatility. With their high-speed internet connectivity, intuitive touchscreen interface, rich multimedia capabilities, high brand value, and business-oriented apps, iPads are more than just another tablet. As companies seek new ways to engage customers and improve their digital presence, iPad digital signage is quickly replacing its traditional counterparts in the marketing and advertising arsenal.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to turn iPads into digital kiosks is the potential for cost savings. Compared to traditional kiosks, which can be expensive to purchase and maintain, iPads offer a more affordable and accessible option. Businesses can purchase or lease iPads at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital signages, and can easily update and customize their kiosk displays without the need for expensive design or development services. 

Industry-Wise Use Cases For Ipad Digital Signages 

Retail: iPad digital signages are the most popular in the retail industry. They can be used as: 

  • Interactive and immersive product catalogs, that allow customers to browse items, compare prices, and place orders. 
  • In-store advertisements and promotions, such as displaying sale items, highlighting new products, and providing customer reviews.
  • Replacement of floor staff, to help manage peak hours or impatient customers.
  • Feedback forms or poll screens, to engage with customers and tackle their issues and queries firsthand. 

Hospitality: In the hospitality industry, iPads are becoming a staple as customers today expect digital touch in their experiences. They can be used as: 

  • Check-in and check-out processes, that provide guests with a quick and easy way to complete their transactions. 
  • Message boards that provide guests with information about hotel amenities, local attractions, and restaurant recommendations.
  • In-room kiosks that allow customers to promptly ask for room services or other needs.

Healthcare: As our healthcare merges with technology, iPad kiosks are now being adopted in the day-to-day operations of hospitals. That includes: 

  • Quick patient check-in and registration, providing a self-service option that reduces wait times and frees up staff for more critical tasks. 
  • They can also be used to provide patients with health information, such as treatment options, medication instructions, and educational resources.
  • Hospitals can use kiosks to broadcast important announcements, updates, and the availability of healthcare personnel for patients in the waiting room.
  • These digital screens can be placed in patients’ rooms giving medical staff a general overview of patients’ health, medications, and reports. 

Enterprises: In enterprise settings, digital signages make all the difference for : 

  • Training employees, which allows workers to access training materials and assessments. 
  • Onboarding processes, providing new hires with a virtual orientation that introduces them to company policies and procedures.
  • SMEs: Digital signage is no longer just limited to large organizations. iPads offer a cost-effective solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that have limited resources, to begin with, to benefit from having digital signage. Since iPads are typically less expensive than other digital signage options like television screens, wall-mounted kiosks, or projection panels (which can cost thousands), they’re also more affordable for businesses that want something simple but effective digital solutions. A dedicated device like this can help boost sales, engage customers, and increase brand awareness with minimal investments. 

Turn Ordinary iPads Into Digital Signages With Auro24 Apple MDM 

So the question is how exactly do we implement digital signage with our iPads in the most affordable way? Well, Auro24 Apple MDM might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Auro24 MDM offers a game-changing affordable solution that turns ordinary iPads into dedicated devices that function as digital signs. It offers two modes of kiosks- single-app kiosk mode and multi-app kiosk mode: 

In the single-app kiosk mode, the device can only access a predetermined app or website, ensuring that end-users are limited to only authorized functions. The app or website runs in full-screen mode without any means of exiting it, providing a streamlined and focused experience.

In the multi-app kiosk mode, end-users have direct access to one or multiple preconfigured apps and websites on the iPad. This mode is particularly useful for businesses that require their iPads to perform more than one operation from a single device.

A fully accessible iPad digital display is counter-productive and potentially distracting for end-users. Auro24 kiosk mode provides an all-in-one solution for businesses that require a secure, interactive, and customized kiosk experience. Unlike a fully accessible mobile device, a kiosk mode eliminates the risk of distraction and data breaches. Right from the dashboard, businesses can remotely manage their devices and configure policies. IT admins can install, update, or remove apps, update the OS system, and even schedule maintenance outside of work hours. Additionally, they can customize the lock screen with company wallpaper and themes, disable physical buttons, hide the status bar and app icons, block notifications, disable calls, and restrict connectivity to peripheral devices like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover, you can get a tight grip on your device security with agile features such as password protection, remote troubleshooting, encryption, and remote data wipeout, to ensure the sensitive data stored in these devices is secure. It is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a secure and engaging kiosk experience while protecting sensitive data stored on these devices.

With Auro24, businesses can easily leverage the power of mobile device management solutions to turn their iPads into dynamic kiosks. It simplifies the process of deploying digital signage displays without requiring extensive technical assistance, allowing businesses to focus on customer experience and delivering effective communication with their target audience.

If you are in search of an online SaaS CMS platform that can seamlessly integrate with your MDM system to produce cohesive and streamlined digital signages and displays on your Apple devices, CMS Signage is the perfect solution. It works alongside Auro24 to create a smooth digital signage experience that will surely enhance your business. Get ahead at managing content to designing and customizing your displays and take your digital signage game to the next level with us today. 


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