Digital Signage with iPad and AppleTV

Turn your iPads and Apple TVs into a stand alone device for broadcasting images or videos boosting your marketing reaching a deeper audience.

Super Easy Deployment & Management

Simplify your deployment in few steps with our super easy solution. Streamline your workflow and save time with our intuitive platform.

Set up device

Create content


Apple devices for Digital Signage

No need to spend a bunch of money on traditional hardware and wired based hardware for your visual marketing purpose. Auro24 helps convert your iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs into a kiosk mode and run your marketing content 24X7.

Low cost

Using an iPad is a very economical compared to traditional signage hardware.

High Quality Display

With Retina display the content delivered in high resolution and more authentic.


Due to it’s small size, it can be put in multiple places, like a standee or on a wall.

Least Human Dependency

Once it’s installed and plugged to a power outlet, rest is managed by Auro24 in real time.


With interactive content businesses can engage their customers in a deeper level. A feedback collection is fast & easy.


Ipads can be used for any purpose and at any kind of business needs, from running ads to displaying special menu.

Pro-Tip: Looking for a good digital signage solution?

After setting up iPads for sharing your digital content, the only thing you need is a good and affordable Signage software to easily manage your content. An easy to use digital signage application like Cmssignage helps you manage your all content to be published on your iPads seamlessly.

Auro24 for Digital Signage

Auro24 not only take care of providing a kiosk interface with Single App mode, but also it ensures additional device management and security features to the businesses for complete security and real time monitoring.

Kiosk Mode

With kiosk mode, users get limited access and can’t use the iPad for anything else.

Single App mode

Only the digital signage content runs on full screen with no access to home screen or settings.

Manage Screen touch

Choose to enable or disable screen touch as per the type of content displayed on the device.

Diable Screen Rotation

Set the screen orientation as per the content type, portrait or landscape.

Contol hardware button

Disable volume & sleep /wake buttons so that noone accidentally shuts the device.

Disable Auto Lock

Keep Device screen always on. Play uninterrupted digital content.


Stay Focused with Auro24’s iPad Single App Mode Feature

The Auro24 Advantage

Managing iPads with digital signage becomes very easy ith Auro24. It helps reduce human involvement and help manage the devices remotely and in real time.

Real time monitoring

Monitor devices in real-time, know key deivce metrics such as battery level, storage capacity, and it's location.

Remote update

Remotely update applications and OS updates, schedule updates to any given time slot.

Low maintenance

Transform and maintain devices as digital signage display, which is more affordable compared to traditional sigital signage hardware.


Apple devices are well-suited for BYOD poicies; leverage BYOD by enforcing policies over-the-air.
apple byod program

Employee Owned

Auro24 also helps organizations secure business apps and content on employee-owned Apple devices.


The business data are secured in a secured container and the Admins can not access the employee’s personal data, or vice versa.

Device Wipe

Organizations can remote wipe all business data at any time if any security threats arise.

App Management

Deploy and install inhouse or App Store apps as per your business need from the dashboard in real time.

Security & compliance

Confident and determined Apple MDM solution for businesses that need to deploy a secure and compliant policies remotely


Auro24 provides a lot of device restrictions for all kinds of Enterprises to manage and control their Apple devices’ security.

Whitelist WiFi

Whitelist the designated Wi-Fi end points to be connected to your device or set of devices.

Data Security

Secure your business data with Containerization as well as with set of restrictions to prevent sharing or leaking.

Password Policy

Enfore password policies as per your organisation’s security policy and industry best practices.

security policies