iPad Single App Mode

Transform iPad into a single-task device, run only selected and approved app exclusively and securely.

Eliminate Distractions by Streamlining iPads Remotely

Streamline iPads to focus on a single task, avoid any interruptions, or distractions from other apps. Run iPad in single app remotely to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Improved Productivity

Limit the use of the iPad to a single app, users can remain focused on their tasks without any distractions.

Enhanced Security

Restrict access to a single app, the risk of data breaches is significantly reduced.

Easy to Set up

iPad Single App Mode is easy to set up with Auro24, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Remote update

Easily install and update any app or web clip remotely from the dashboard in real time.


Stay Focused with Auro24’s iPad Single App Mode Feature

Enforce Policies Ideal for iPad Single App Mode

Select and publish the application from Apple Store or Upload In-house App from Auro24, implement commonly used restrictions to leverage single app mode.

Restrict App Switching

Minimize distractions for a more focused mobile experience & productivity.

Disable Home Button

Run the App 24X7 without any interruption by anyone.                                

Enable Only Touch Screen Feature - Disable ScreenTouch

Disable ScreenTouch Prevent any unintended inputs or interactions for a seamless experience.

Configure Lock Screen

Keep your device always visible and continuously accessible.                          

Hide/Disable Notifications

Turn off incoming notifications and get distraction-free experience .             

Disable Siri

Block responses to unnecessary voice commands or accidental activations.

Restrict App Switching

Configure Lock Screen

Disable Home Button

Hide/Disable Notifications

Enable Only Touch Screen Feature

Disable Siri


Stay Focused with Auro24’s iPad Single App Mode Feature

Curated Especially for Industries That Use iPad for Dedicated Purposes

Select and publish application from Apple Store or Upload In-house App from Auro24, implement commonly used restrictions to leverage single app mode.







Feature-rich & Flexible iPad Single App Mode

Auro24 is customized to meet your specific requirements without compromising security and ease of use.

Manage Your Apple Fleet with Auro24

A comprehensive tool that enables IT teams to manage their Apple devices with ease.

Device Inventory

From the unified dashboard, as an admin, you can always have a real-time state & status of all your Apple devices.

Location Tracking

Easy location tracking to know the whereabouts of your devices and the employees on field.

Web Filtering

Allow the websites which only are needed for your business or schools by whitelisting the necessary URLs.

Real time info

Device details, device health as well as locations in real time keeps you one step ahead with all the valuable information.

Custom Homescreen

Auro24 lets you choose your custom wallpaper, organize your apps and webclips on the device homescreen as per your preference.

Web clips

Create and deploy Web clips to the devices for specific site browsing with the feel of an App.


Apple devices are well-suited for BYOD poicies; leverage BYOD by enforcing policies over-the-air.
apple byod program

Employee Owned

Auro24 also helps organizations secure business apps and content on employee-owned Apple devices.


The business data are secured in a secured container and the Admins can not access the employee’s personal data, or vice versa.

Device Wipe

Organizations can remote wipe all business data at any time if any security threats arise.

App Management

Deploy and install inhouse or App Store apps as per your business need from the dashboard in real time.

Supervised Devices & Kiosk Mode

For company-owned Apple devices, Auro24 provides a kiosk mode feature to lock down the devices in a custom & dedicated home screen interface, where only business apps, Web Clips, and content can be accessed & used by the end user.

Single purpose

Not only necessary business apps are accessible, but also it can be used as a stand-alone unit for attendance apps, digital signage etc.

Single App

Choose any app from your web dashboard and set it as the one App running all the time on the device screen.

Multi App

In case, you want more than one app t to be accessible by your employees and end users, then muti App mode helps you allow selected apps, webclips, etc on the devices.

Security & compliance

Confident and determined Apple MDM solution for businesses that need to deploy a secure and compliant policies remotely


Auro24 provides a lot of device restrictions for all kinds of Enterprises to manage and control their Apple devices’ security.

Whitelist WiFi

Whitelist the designated Wi-Fi end points to be connected to your device or set of devices.

Data Security

Secure your business data with Containerization as well as with set of restrictions to prevent sharing or leaking.

Password Policy

Enfore password policies as per your organisation’s security policy and industry best practices.

security policies