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Solution for Mobile Devices
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Auro24’s creative fusion of Device management & Digital transformation makes it simpler to deploy devices, update software, and prevent problems across the fleet.

Device Management

Device Management

Unlock the power of seamless device management with the Auro24 MDM solution – where control meets convenience. Encounter a smooth & effortless experience of device enrollment on a bulk. With the centralized management system, it is now attainable for you to supervise your device ecosystem for both the company owned & user owned Apple devices  at a time.

  • Easy & Fast Enrollment

    Easy & Fast Enrollment

  • BYOD Policies

    BYOD Policies

  • Supervised Device & Kiosk Mode

    Supervised Device & Kiosk Mode

Your “Single” Step Solution for Productivity

Set your iPads into “Auto-pilot” mode for a smarter & seamless business output enhancing your users’ attention & security. With iPad “Single App Mode”, you can now easily turn your business iPads into a single purpose device without worrying about any human intervention. With all the remote management &, Single App Mode is your go to solution for different commercial & educational sectors.

  • Single App 24X7 Single App 24X7
  • Hardware buttons control Hardware buttons control
  • Remote updates Remote updates
Employee-ready Devices

“Employee-ready” Devices

Turn your remote employee’s onboarding experience into a hassle-free job with the seamless app deployment, remote updates, security policy enforcement, and other remote facilities. Make your corporate MacBooks “employee-ready” without wasting any time on the manual deployment procedure.

  • ZeroTouch Enrollment

    ZeroTouch Enrollment (ABM)

  • Policy Configuration

    Policy Configuration

  • Remote Device Management

    Remote Device Management

  • Network Access Control

    Network Access Control

Small & Medium Businesses Small & Medium Businesses

A uniform mixture of excellent security and superior productivity within a cost-effective budget for your Small & Medium enterprises.

  • Centralized ControlCentralized Control
  • Enhanced SecurityEnhanced Security
  • Easy Set upEasy Set up
  • Zero-touch DeploymentZero-touch Deployment
  • Remote ConfigurationsRemote Configurations
  • Remote lock & WipeRemote lock & Wipe

Simplify Device Management with Single Console

Auro24 is curated with a single, cloud-based console to ease your device management experience. With the power of centralized control, elevate your Apple ecosystem management today.

Simplify Device Management
Simplify Device Management
Simplify Device Management
Simplify Device Management

Most Affordable Pricing Plan For All

We understand your requirements especially when you are running a small or medium business. Contact us with your “must-have” list, match with our products and experience enterprise-level device management within a cost-effective budget.

Choose innovation. Choose Auro24

“Apple” is the one true name to make your enterprise productive, and we are here with you in this journey. Understanding the Apple device ecosystem inside-out is the prime target for modern businesses of all sizes.


84% of iPad users are now leveraging Single App Mode for streamlined business operations, captivated by its unmatched efficiency and laser-focused functionality.


Market demand for comprehensive Apple MDM solutions has surged by 88%, driven by the necessity for secure and efficient device management.


82% of companies globally offer some form of remote-work.


The single-app kiosk mode promotes 99% productivity, more focus on employees during work hours and lesser security risks.

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