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Auro24’s One step Ahead Solution for Mobile Devices
Auro24’s creative fusion of Device management & Digital transformation makes it simpler to deploy devices, update software, and prevent problems across the fleet.

Device Management

Unlock the power of seamless device management with the Auro24 MDM solution – where control meets convenience. Encounter a smooth & effortless experience of device enrollment on a bulk. With the centralized management system, it is now attainable for you to supervise your device ecosystem for both the company owned & user owned Apple devices  at a time.

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    Easy & Fast Enrollment

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    BYOD Policies

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    Supervised Device & Kiosk Mode

Your “Single” Step Solution for Productivity

Single App Mode is your ultimate quick fix for limiting your iPads into a certain application enhancing attention & security. With such an outstanding feature, you can now easily turn your business iPad into a single purpose device without worrying about any human intervention. With all the remote management & low maintenance facilities, Single App Mode is your go to solution for different commercial & educational sectors.

  • Single App 24X7
  • Hardware buttons control / Limiting device features
  • Remote updates

Employee-ready Devices

Turn your remote employee’s onboarding experience into a hassle-free job with the seamless app deployment, remote updates, security enforcement, and other remote facilities. Make your corporate devices employee-ready without wasting any time on the deployment procedure.

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    ZT Enrollment

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    Policy Configuration

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    Remote Management

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    Network Access Control

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    User self-service Portal

Small & Medium Businesses #

A uniform mixture of excellent security and superior productivity within a cost-effective budget for your Small & Medium enterprises/ business.

  • #Centralized Control
  • #Enhanced Security
  • #Easy Set up
  • #Zero-touch Deployment
  • #Remote Configurations
  • #Remote lock & Wipe

Manage Apple Devices From A Single Console

Auro24 is designed and curated to ease how IT administrators work, with continuous feedback from our customers; we’ve created an affordable and easy-to-use solution with world-class customer support!

Most Affordable Pricing Plan For All

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Auro24 Security Performance

Understanding the Apple device ecosystem inside out is the prime target for the contemporary/global Marketing & Technology industries. Auro24’s MDM for Apple devices is the unsurpassable specialist in this matter.


Apple is gaining prominence in the workforce, with a 76% increase in the adoption of Apple devices compared to Android, emphasizing the need for tailored MDM services.


82% of companies globally offer some form of remote-work, up from 57% in 2021.


It’s been estimated that by 2025, 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days in a month.


The single-app kiosk mode promotes 99% productivity, more focus on employees during work hours and lesser security risks.

Auro24 securing the fastest
growing companies in the world

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