Single App Mode for Apple Devices
Apple's Single App Spotlight
Single App Mode is your true-blue solution to restrict your business iPads into a specific application, which enables a solitary experience for your customers enhancing focus, productivity and security.

“Single” Solution for Multiple Use Cases

The Single App Mode (SAM) is specifically necessary in cases, where it is essential to restrict the device performance to a particular app, such as in Point-of-Sale (POS) businesses, Education sectors, small and medium enterprise sectors, hospitals etc. It ensures that users cannot exit the designated app, providing increased security and control over the device's usage.

Real-time tracking

Get precise & real-time insights of your device details, to track the exact location, battery usage, battery health, and other information ensuring enhanced device security & management.

Disable Hardware Buttons

Encounter an incomparable practice of iPad management with this additional layer of security, where you can easily set restrictions to access any physical features of your device, ensuring complete focus of the user in the designated app.

Customizable Configuration

Customize your device behavior as per your specific business requirements with  desirable features to restrict your business iPad to distinct attributes focusing on productivity.

Remote App Update

Install and update the applications across multiple devices remotely, ensuring that all devices are consistently up-to-date with the latest Apps and OS updates.

Solution for Mobile Devices
Your iPads on Autopilot mode
Discover a world of productivity, and let your iPad become your trusted business tool, always ready to assist. Your iPads on Autopilot mode is your passport to a smarter, more effortless commercial/marketing output.


Enhanced productivity

One-Time manual installation and witness every future changes & updates remotely, without any further human intervention, enhancing high productivity.


Improved security

Secure your digital ecosystem with the fortification against unauthorized access - because protecting your data is a non-negotiable act.


Better device management

Manage all your business iPads from a single web console from anywhere, where every click encounters a seamless device management experience like never before.


Reduced costs

You can expect maximum prolificacy within your budget, because you can reduce your IT operating cost upto 30% with iPad Single App Mode.

Additional control on your device hardware

Remote Configurations
  • Centralized Control  Home Screen button
  • Enhanced Security  Screen Touch
  • Easy Set up  Volume button/ Hardware buttons
  • Zero-touch Deployment  Screen Rotation
  • Remote Configurations  Sleep/ wake up button 

With these additional security features in Single App Mode, you can stay relaxed about your business iPads without bothering about your device being tampered with unnecessary use.

Several Industries. Multiple Use Cases. Single Solution.

A transformative digital solution across a number of industries for enhanced efficiency and productivity. From education to healthcare, retail to hospitality, this tailored solution offers unique industry needs.
Digital menu
Ordering process POS
Customer feedback
Guest Check-ins
Room services
Food ordering
Customer feedback
Education Sector
Learning apps
Conducting tests
Customer feedback
 Offers & promos
Self service kiosk  KYC
Customer data entry
Account opening
Patient data entry
Medical app
Feedback form
Asset descriptions
Feedback forms

 Transmute your business into a productivity powerhouse with the "Single" step solution - One device, one task, endless efficiency!